Friday, March 29, 2013

Rounder63 Finally takes a break!

Rounder63 what a hero. Had lofty goals this year. Went to Bahamas for PCA but still grinded online (duh) got 2nd in big 162 for 20k. Then went to Costa Rica Capital San Jose to visit a friend. Had a very good time, was very happy ,played a little bit Luckboxed 4th in Omaha tcoop for 20k. Had sweats galore that sunday that fizzzled out, all in all i felt like wow this going to be a great year(STill can be). Went to Coco Costa rica, where many Wacky, Fun loving, crazy, brilliant young poker players reside. Things didnt go to well and I had a horrible time poker wise. Returned to Rosarito Mexico where previously in a 4.5 month stretch I had done very well. Sharkscope had me profiting [Medium Shark] Rounder63 PokerStars SCHEDULED 08/06/2012-12/31/2012 7,480 $16.8 $57.2 36.9% $125,689 93 x Decent amount of games, decent roi. Had a good feel to it. Felt very confident and felt very much in control. This time around was horrible. Most of the time, I did not feel in control. My end game Variance has been unreal.I Finished 7-12 far to often. For the most part with poker, I dont get upset, I dont get mad, the beats are going to come and go. Also helps I have been there before (Just a few times lol). During my career anytime I hit a downswing or a long breakeven streak its caused by unhappiness in my life. I feel pretty postive and happy before all of this started but at the end of it, it was effecting me far too much. I was getting upset early in sessions over all ins, and it was causing me to not play optimal. So i Decided I needed a break. rounder63all Player Group 02/01/2013-03/29/2013 5,958 $0.14 $47.44 -8.2% $834 73 x Rosarito Part two Stats. I think its important to look at all the variables during downswings to what the cause can be. Bad Variance can easily be the cause of a downswing but for the most part with good volume you should be able to beat it. Recent Rosarito grind. 1. Started exercising (shoudlnt be a cause of a downswing). 2. Eating healthy (No sugar could possibly create lows during the day) 3. Playing more tables (Will cut down). 4. Stop smoking Weed ( was scared of the munchies no bueno when dieting). So I have decided when I come back I will start Healthy Snack eating throughout the day so theres no Lows during the day. I am going to cut down the tables and Im going to start getting high again. Cheeech and Chonggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg here i comeeeeeeeeeee