Friday, March 29, 2013

Rounder63 Finally takes a break!

Rounder63 what a hero. Had lofty goals this year. Went to Bahamas for PCA but still grinded online (duh) got 2nd in big 162 for 20k. Then went to Costa Rica Capital San Jose to visit a friend. Had a very good time, was very happy ,played a little bit Luckboxed 4th in Omaha tcoop for 20k. Had sweats galore that sunday that fizzzled out, all in all i felt like wow this going to be a great year(STill can be). Went to Coco Costa rica, where many Wacky, Fun loving, crazy, brilliant young poker players reside. Things didnt go to well and I had a horrible time poker wise. Returned to Rosarito Mexico where previously in a 4.5 month stretch I had done very well. Sharkscope had me profiting [Medium Shark] Rounder63 PokerStars SCHEDULED 08/06/2012-12/31/2012 7,480 $16.8 $57.2 36.9% $125,689 93 x Decent amount of games, decent roi. Had a good feel to it. Felt very confident and felt very much in control. This time around was horrible. Most of the time, I did not feel in control. My end game Variance has been unreal.I Finished 7-12 far to often. For the most part with poker, I dont get upset, I dont get mad, the beats are going to come and go. Also helps I have been there before (Just a few times lol). During my career anytime I hit a downswing or a long breakeven streak its caused by unhappiness in my life. I feel pretty postive and happy before all of this started but at the end of it, it was effecting me far too much. I was getting upset early in sessions over all ins, and it was causing me to not play optimal. So i Decided I needed a break. rounder63all Player Group 02/01/2013-03/29/2013 5,958 $0.14 $47.44 -8.2% $834 73 x Rosarito Part two Stats. I think its important to look at all the variables during downswings to what the cause can be. Bad Variance can easily be the cause of a downswing but for the most part with good volume you should be able to beat it. Recent Rosarito grind. 1. Started exercising (shoudlnt be a cause of a downswing). 2. Eating healthy (No sugar could possibly create lows during the day) 3. Playing more tables (Will cut down). 4. Stop smoking Weed ( was scared of the munchies no bueno when dieting). So I have decided when I come back I will start Healthy Snack eating throughout the day so theres no Lows during the day. I am going to cut down the tables and Im going to start getting high again. Cheeech and Chonggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg here i comeeeeeeeeeee

Sunday, July 8, 2012

2012 Main experience so far

Main event 2012 and other Poker nonsense So I was only going to play a few events go to California visit friends and family for a week and go to mexico but that plan seems to have changed after I decided to play the main. I am happy that I decided to play the main. Helps to my happiness that I have 103,400 after day one and will come back to 250/500 (200 bigs). Still a long ways to go but good start. Have a few funny stories and hand historys from day one. My first table was a dream. 10 handed 7 passive donks and 3 guys playing but very transparent. I had decided from the get go (well probably every tournament i play anyways ,guns where going to come out blazed). Chipped up nicely and slowly to about 36k with no showdown. If it was folded to me I opened almost any two, if I guy raised late i flated in position with a huge range. I was being pretty absurd lol. I could tell people where getting agitated and annoyed and where thinking who the hell is this ass monkey muppet donk retard cock kajsd;flksd. First huge hand I had was great because it was against the guy that apparently runs worst then anyone in the world and Im not sure how he doesnt have a book out yet on how to crush poker. Raise utg call call villian calls i flat on the button with 54 offsuit (hooooooooooood)......Flop is J32cc....check check check bet 1/2 pot i call fold fold fold we are heads up to the turn...turn is the board reads j32A cchh.....He checks....I know he has a hand here and I know he doenst put me on an ace (because ive been beyond absurd)...So i bet huge 3k, He snappppppps......turn is a 8 of hearts putting backdoor hearts, which i dont think he he has too much here. I bet 5k.....He says callllllllllllllll alll loud like hes caught some bluffing confidently . I table 54 offsuit and he goes into about 1-2 minute of Phil Hellmuth like ranting before folding. His poor neighbor to his right had to keep hearing his sob stories because he happened to be the one nice enough not to completely ingnore the donk.. Next big hand I raise jj late call call.....small blind old man around 60ish three bet squeezes for about the 3-4th time...I folded everytime, didnt feel like getting super hoood with it but this time JJ, I am wayyyyy ahead of his range (considering this is the 3rd of 4th time he squeezed in a couple orbits) so I call...everyone elses folds.....Flop is 1052ccc all clubs i have jj jack of club......he leads into me for about 60 percent pot i call.......turn is a 7 offsuit non club....he bets 5.5k (which is alot of chips at this point)...I had a split second thought of folding but then replayed the hand in my head and if u add the past times he squeezed I should be ahead here. So i called.....river is an offsuit 8...board reads 1052ccc78.....He bets 6k.......not folding the river after calling turn......he announces " I got the ten"....I tabled JJ.....He goes to throw his hand in the muck and a player at the table (who i played a 1500 with earlier who is tight/solid/transparent) asked to see his hand....Old man eruppppppppts in anger......"Do you haveeeeeee any respectttttttttt" "You mustttttttttttttt not play that much to be asking this" "What a fucking clownnnnnnnn"........"Flooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor" ....Flooor come over and ask whats the problem is....Floor hears the story and says sorry sir you have to show ur hand if someone requested it and u where called......he was soooooooo pisssed.........."Fine im going to ask to see your guys cards everrrrrrrrrry single time".....floor man snap says "We arent going to do that"......Old man tables 103 offsuit for kitchies and a no good top pair......LoooooL gottemmmmmmmmmm.......Table is a bit on edge after this small conterversy. The old man is sitll bickering to the kid and the kid who has been quiet for like 6-8 hours worth of time ive played with him is fired up pissed off yellling at him back. To follow up on this, an orbit goes by. There was a raise a call and the young kid flatted from the sb. Flop went check check check....turn went kid bets out fold fold......Old man snap says.........."I want to see his handdddddddddd".... The ones at the table that understood the rule started laughing at the ignorance of the old man...Floor comes over hears what he has to cry about and then says sir thats not how the rule works, There has to be a call. Kid snap says "Looks likeeeeeee you haveeeeeeeent played much pokerrrrrrr"....Old man is on epic tilttt lol....I raise rags utg call call old man piles 16k at 100/200 (which is absurdly bad no matter what ur hand is lol)....folds to me i fold fold....Young solid kid knows the old man is on tilt and decides to call with 99 (questionable call but with the old man on tilt its probably a +ev call lol)...Old man tables aj offsuit lol......old man wins the hand is all of sudden not on monkey ape shit tilt anymore and starts playing normal....I continue my dominance, Im opening, three betting, rep mining, Hoooding, double float ripping, I think everything I did was working. I had a read on everyone at the table and things where working out perfectly. My friend Andres Peraya (Anderssoprano online) shows up to my table and has a big grinnnn on his face when he sees my chipstack. The kid to my left knew Andres so i knew the kid played online. The kid said oh u know Andres u must play online. "Ive played a few tournaments here and there"...."Are you the battler33?"......I erupt in laughter (I admire the sick hero that is called thebattler33) "Am i playing that absurd"? whats your name.."Nick Carrillo"..."Oh boy things make alot more sense now"..."I know who you are".....I get up to 74k at 100/200 and hear the bad news that we are breaking and moving rooms.........Barffff.......Moving tables is always adjustment because alot of my game is feeel, I had everyone peggged.....I Moved tables before I could even get all my chips out of the bag, Another huge stack with about 55k raises and I have snap call with 76s. along with the big blind calling.......Flop is 842dd i have call big blind calls....turn is 6...this is where i hate my play (maybe being result orienated, live by the rep mine die by the repmine) at this point Im putting him on Overpair,better flushdraw, or air, by raising here I can possibly get an overpair to fold/smashriver, get a better flushdraw to fold/call behind, win the pot vs air (also make the bb fold who probably has the best hand if bettor has air) anyways as soon as the bb folds, he snappppppppppppppppppppppppppp pilessssssss 55k.......I was like wtffff......Asked for a count (not sure why im saving face)....then at one point I was thinking there was a possibilty i was beating a5dd but then laughed at my insanity, thought to myself "Trying to find the one hand you beat wtf is ur problem sir fold already"....I fold, guy tables 66 for turned set....Nh sluggger......"Oh I really thought u where calling"....After playing with that guy for hours after, If I called would of beeen the nut worst of all time. Table dynamics changed a bit....I had some sick euro dude to my direct left, two to that guys left was somebody, Solid player for sure. There was 4 tight weak/passive old man, the overplaying kid to my right. After a several opens, I could tell this sick euro guy was going to be a fucking thorn on my side, Hes three betting me to death. But just like all the sick maniac spazzs they either get on heaps or bust. He 5 bet folded 2 times pre ante lol. I was admiring the spew as the tight old man are thinking that hes a complete retard idiot. He had spewed his stack down to 13k when this hand happened.......He opened, one of the old man that shakes his head at how aggro he is flats (lol at his flat)....Flop is 1093ss....Old man fires overpot loooool like 3k or so....Kid just piles his stack in (12k total) old man ask for a count, in the middle of counting the chips, he calls the rest and flips over 105 offsuit for top pair shit kicker......River was a 10 and the young euro kid hit the showers......As soon as he bust, all the old men (young bad overplaying kid as well) start talking on how they new that was going to happen, that he was playing toooo crazy and theres only one way thats is going to end... I should obv stay out of thier conversation and but felt the need to stick up the maniacs of the world (theres no fucking need its dumb)......In my opinion there is always a battle bewteen the nits and maniacs in poker. Bad nits hate the maniacs because they cant play thier game comfortable and they put them in situations in which they are not comfortable with and end up making bad decisions. For this they hate maniacs. Maniacs dislike nits because in thier insane heads they feel that nits are playing incorrectly and when a maniac spazzes to a nit, in thier mind they are bad for always having it (lool)...Anyways i had to chime in and say, (again beyond dumb) I didnt think anything that kid didwas wrong and just because hes playing a different game then you, thiers no point of talking shit beyond his back.. Thats when one of the quieter old man that wasnt talking shit chimes in says, yeah Im pretty sure that kid won something huge in europe (I laugh inside)....Then guy says yeah maybe ur right, I did play a 65k pot vs him q10s vs his 1010 on a 1052 flop (i wanst thier lol) and " I hit running flush to cripple him"....."Oh how did the hand go down" -me...."He raised i called, flop was 1052 he bet i raise he raise i shoved" well played sluggggerrr ....Anyways with that guy gone, it let the door open to turn into the maniac. So I started owning again. Guy to my right was getting real pisssed off, because after seeing how he played I wanted to play every single pot vs his stack in position vs him because he played so poorly post. I was absolutely destroying him, so he just shutdown for a long time. Seat one gets filled by some sicko dont know his name, but i played with him in a 1500 and I felt he outplayed me in some spots. Wasnt happy he was to my left but I was happy he only had 15k. After 5 hands he was up to 20k and was asserting his table dominance when this hand occurred......I raise ak utg+1 he three bets me i 4 bet, he piles I call......All close to standard online.....Live they where like wtffffffffffffffffff.....My ak was vs qq i smasssshhhhed an ace on the flop and he didnt rebink and Now i was up to 80k......Big pot cus I either go to 40k or 80k...Plus its huge that hes gone. So I open, Open Open Open (good solid kid put me in my place a couple times)....Ran it up to 120k, started to get tired and back/neck hurt real bad for sitting in a chair for so long....Had a couple poorly played hands and ended the night with 103,400....Im pretty happy about my stack coming back with 200 bigs at 250/500....Not bad day one at all hopefully have a good day 2 and go from thier. Hopefully improve on my cash from 2007 506th place and why not just win ittttttt...One hand One day at a time, Cant wait for the restart on Tuesday.....Gl Rounder63 Ps I have had to restarin myself from Kurt like facebook spew and say I cant wait for chrsitmas morning on tuesday

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rounder63 the Worst Nut Reg

Its been a long Road and Long struggle and many and many of thousands of games.....but finally I have arrived........I have been born.....

I am Rounder63 and Im the Worst Nuttttttttttt Reg....what does that exaclty mean???....For the people that dont speak poker lingo...That is implying that Of all the regulars that grind everyday, I am the absolute worst of alll of them.......I love it!.....Where was the name born?!?!?...Name was born from another regular that went on life tilt when I called him all in with 87 sooted and destroyed his ak...

"You are the absolute worst rounder, I mean you actually think your good but you are by far the worst player I have ever seen in my entire life" "I was at your Lapc final table and you played like the worst absolute donkey that I have ever seen and me and my roomate where laughing at how terrible you are"...I laughed inside because I shipped that tournament.....

It's ok call me a donk, I dont care, I actually love it!...Ive been the underdog my whole life and thats how I love to roll.....

I am simply annoying,unconventional and it also helps that have to look at my "Fat ass ugly avatar"

Moorman, a Player I greatly respect and admire his accomplishments and skills and aggresive play, I got underneath his skin the other month In a 6 max donkament and It brought a smile to my face....

I was flatting and hooding(Just calling his raises or calling out of position) all his raises playing every pot I could against him, He got the best of me alot of them but im sure I was being extremely annoying because no pot was easy for him

Finally My 76 sooted beat his 99 after the flop when I "Rounder Smashed a flop"...his responce

"You are the worst"...I replied with...."No you got it wrong sir, I am the Worst Nut Reg"...his responce, "Your the Nut Worst Reg"...comical... Time to run off with my Nickname

Past 14 months, I have worked incredibly hard to fix my leaks and I feel about 5 months ago everything came together for me and I just started shipping everything left and right...

Rounder63 7,057 $23.78 $68 44% $167,835 Super Tilt N/A FullTilt 10/1/2010 3/8/2011

Not bad for being the Worst Nut reg!

This year 2011
Rounder63 2,250 $48 $81 36% $108,005 Super Tilt N/A FullTilt Year2011 x

Not bad for being the NUT WORST REG...........Now that I have a bigger roll, I dont have sell my action like i have for the past 3 years....thats alot of money I have given away but its just how poker works.....

I feel in my heart and Mind 2011 is the year I break out and make it big, Ive gotten close in a couple of big buy in tournaments this year and its only about time I "Rounder Smash" a little bit too much and ship the big buy in tournament"

Its ok I will stay under the radar a bit have the poker world think im a complete douche, while I print the money...Moving to vegas next month to further push my career to hopefully reach all my goals and dreams......I will also be playing less online, more live and More free time in real life.....Cus theres been alot taken out of Rounder63 the nut worst reg.....Im actually human not machine.

Some memorable Rounder63 hatorade the past couple months..

"I hope you have to watch your family die in a fire slowly"

Chananya: &$#$kk yuou
Chananya: rounder
Chananya: seriously
Rounder63: noep &%&# you
Chananya: &$@ you dude
...Rounder63: how #!!% you
Dealer: DewintonJAB has 15 seconds left to act
Chananya: and your faggy lol's

Rounder63: gg
Dealer: Rounder63 wins the pot (2,400)
Vampire Donk (Observer): %#&& you!
Dealer: Hand #22560939471
Rounder63: no f you
...Dealer: Rounder63 wins the pot (1,200)
Dealer: Hand #22560942279
Rounder63: and gg
Dealer: breastknight wins the pot (1,200)
Vampire Donk (Observer): lick it
Dealer: Hand #22560946325
Vampire Donk (Observer): die please
Vampire Donk (Observer): tonight
Dealer: Rounder63 wins the pot (1,200)
Vampire Donk (Observer): of something horrible
Dealer: Hand #22560949076
Dealer: Rounder63 has 15 seconds left to act
Vampire Donk (Observer): u prob never go out so hit by as car prob out the question
Vampire Donk (Observer): lets hope heart attack

amyallin (Observer): if it wasnt for idiot pro bots like you
amyallin (Observer): this game would be no fun
Dealer: dblejack has 15 seconds left to act
Rounder63: gg
Dealer: THE PADRINO1 has 15 seconds left to act
amyallin (Observer): gb
amyallin (Observer): gb=good bot
Rounder63: gg
amyallin (Observer): not your average bot but clever
Dealer: majsterst has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: dblejack wins the pot (1,000)
Dealer: Hand #22615585376
Dealer: THE PADRINO1 has 15 seconds left to act
amyallin (Observer): it got a little confused and disconnected u
Dealer: cardsfan04 has 15 seconds left to act
amyallin (Observer): but just for a split second
Dealer: majsterst has 15 seconds left to act
amyallin (Observer): no big deal

G3N371X: logic in that?
Dealer: G3N371X has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: G3N371X has requested TIME
Rounder63: figured u could fold ur mid pair
Rounder63: i played it like a set
Rounder63: i played it like a set
G3N371X: doubt im double barrling a mid pair
System: The $35,000 KO Guarantee ($120+$9 NL Hold'em) will be starting in 8 minutes.
Dealer: Suicide King007 has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: G3N371X shows [Ac As]
Dealer: Suicide King007 shows [Tc Kh]
Rounder63: even it hougth i had a set

RgnrDnskjld: this site is a fcuking joke
Dealer: extress finishes in 17th place
RgnrDnskjld: that crap happens way more than it should
RgnrDnskjld: they run a skew to have more big hands hit
RgnrDnskjld: cheating &&% bs
Rounder63: then why are u playing
Dealer: Hand #22638435748
RgnrDnskjld: because the casino is an 1 hr drive
Dealer: vaux le vacomte has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: majid2 wins the pot (900)
Dealer: Hand #22638448031
Dealer: Rounder63 wins the pot (1,050)
Dealer: Hand #22638461410
RgnrDnskjld: you know this is the only major site that does NOT do an annual outside audit
RgnrDnskjld: on the algarythme
Dealer: 222 DuecesWild has 15 seconds left to act
Rounder63: then tha tmakes u stupid for playing here
Rounder63: congrats
RgnrDnskjld: you must have majored in logic
Dealer: 222 DuecesWild has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: 222 DuecesWild has 15 seconds left to act
RgnrDnskjld: because if it makes me an IDIOT than it also makes you an IDIOT; IDIOT
Rounder63: i have none of this information
Rounder63: and i make money online
Rounder63: so gg
Dealer: Raise4food wins the pot (1,790)
Dealer: Hand #22638493701
vaux le vacomte: i have to agree with Rg...way too many hideous beats here
Rounder63: ur the idiot gg
RgnrDnskjld: THX
Dealer: untaktik has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: untaktik has requested TIME
Rounder63: gg on being an idiot

drunkpiggy: stupid
fgpmadv (Observer): lol
Dealer: Taillo has 15 seconds left to act
Rounder63: gg
Dealer: zandys s wins the pot (100)
Dealer: Hand #22680467015
robgraves777: that was really awful kalle
drunkpiggy: idiot move
Dealer: drunkpiggy shows [Qc Qs]
Dealer: robgraves777 shows [2h 2c]
Dealer: drunkpiggy shows a full house, Queens full of Aces
Dealer: robgraves777 shows two pair, Aces and Twos
Dealer: drunkpiggy wins the pot (830) with a full house, Queens full of Aces
Rounder63: i was gambler before i was a poker player boys and girls
Rounder63: GG
Dealer: Hand #22680478652
drunkpiggy: ur a retard thats all!
Rounder63: obv

Epiphany86 (Observer): die slow you dumb pos
Dealer: JMFR has 15 seconds left to act
Epiphany86 (Observer): You're so horribad it makes me lol
Dealer: WISHIGOTFPPS has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: uscollie wins the pot (40)
Dealer: Hand #23190440898
Epiphany86 (Observer): Any amount of money over any amount of tournies over any amount of time
Epiphany86 (Observer): I rape you day in day out
Rounder63: gg

bsg1973: really
bsg1973: lmfao
Dealer: eliduque has 15 seconds left to act
bsg1973: i swear u r the computer rounders
Rounder63: thats me
Rounder63: robot on crack
System: The $18,500 Guarantee (1r+1a) ($50+$5 NL Hold'em) will be starting in 6 minutes.
Dealer: Rounder63 wins the pot (1,280)
Dealer: Hand #23192543269
bsg1973: one card and one card only and u hit the river
bsg1973: 10 8 all in
Dealer: CBorders wins the pot (80)
Dealer: Hand #23192549678
Rounder63: just got to believe
jeblet2: A4
eliduque: it was clearly based on the other guys hand
eliduque: not urs
bsg1973: i was the raiser

jspitz00 [observer]: sucha fkin joke
jspitz00 [observer]: NICE CALL PREFLOP
Rounder63: gg
jspitz00 [observer]: U FKING IDIOT
Rounder63: 2700 afte rthe flop ak high
Rounder63: next time fold donk
Rounder63: gg
Rounder63: and welcome to the rounder63 show
jspitz00 [observer]: ur a joke
Dealer: Jackovich, it's your turn. You have 12 seconds to act
Rounder63: gg
jspitz00 [observer]: i took this down 3 times ft 6 times ur a joke
Rounder63: gg
Dealer: Jackovich, it's your turn. You have 12 seconds to act
Jackovich: are u a celebrity?
jspitz00 [observer]: both of u are joke
Dealer: Jackovich, it's your turn. You have 12 seconds to act
Administrator: WCOOP-54 Sat: $22+R PLO [Deep 3x-Turbo, 1 Seat Guaranteed] is running and late registration is open. Join now at T304651650 under the Events/WCOOP tab.
Dealer: Jackovich has high card King
Dealer: kuwaiti 27 has a flush, King high
Dealer: Game #48727189763: kuwaiti 27 wins pot (2,360) with a flush, King high
jspitz00 [observer]: i bet both of u dont even place
Rounder63: gg
jspitz00 [observer]: joke
Jackovich: i bet u don't either
Dealer: Jackovich, it's your turn. You have 12 seconds to act
Dealer: Game #48727220663: kuwaiti 27 wins pot (630)
jspitz00 [observer]: i forgot where playin joke poker

Magic Masi Nr1: you make me all time TILT
Rounder63: i would tilt
Rounder63: when u get that owned
Dealer: Bertrand13 wins the pot (200)
Dealer: Hand #24508185081
Rounder63: ur on snapp call with bottom pair
Dealer: Rounder63 has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: guitey has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: RockRockAA has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: Magic Masi Nr1 has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: RockRockAA has 15 seconds left to act
Magic Masi Nr1: you play 12 tables
Dealer: RockRockAA has timed out
Magic Masi Nr1: and win only 5k in 90 days
Magic Masi Nr1: you call all
Dealer: Magic Masi Nr1 has 15 seconds left to act
Magic Masi Nr1: you rerais all

Eddiesbaby: really
Eddiesbaby: come on
Eddiesbaby: what are you doing
Rounder63: ur fold button is on the bottom right hand corner
Dealer: whiskey4475 wins the pot (100)
Eddiesbaby: i shoved
Dealer: Hand #24752933567
Eddiesbaby: you called with bottom pair
Rounder63: i didnt call
Rounder63: i lead all

Dealer: Hand #24779144158
AC00p14 (Observer): hahahahahaha
Manhat10ite (Observer): wtf are you thinking
Dealer: Tardigrada1 has registered late for the tournament and will be dealt in on their big blind
Manhat10ite (Observer): I thought you were a decent player
AC00p14 (Observer): amazing what u &&%%ers get away with on this site
Rounder63: gg
AC00p14 (Observer): %#&& u
Rounder63: no f u

kjDMB41: My brand of poker is unique, Not many people can be disguise as a donk, play like a donk but be a SHARK.
Dealer: Rounder63 wins the pot (206)
Tournament Director: The blinds are now 40/80 with an ante of 10
Dealer: Hand #25470936168
Dealer: amura6six has 15 seconds left to act
kjDMB41: My brand of poker is unique, Not many people can be disguise as a donk, play like a donk but be a SHARK.
System: The $9,000 Guarantee (Rebuy) ($30+$3 PL Omaha Hi) will be starting in 6 minutes.
kjDMB41: you really wrote that?
Dealer: FULLTILT187 wins the pot (250)
Dealer: Hand #25470954730
Rounder63: welcome to the show
Rounder63: Rounder63 show!!
Dealer: Rounder63 wins the pot (290)
Dealer: Hand #25470967982
Rounder63: ur just in the video of my greatness
kjDMB41: i mean, i get the power of positive thinking, but come on
Dealer: my44izSET has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: my44izSET has timed out
Rounder63: hey they gave a retard the controsl what can u guys do
Dealer: FULLTILT187 has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: loose_cannon_jj wins the pot (170)
Dealer: Hand #25471000742
kjDMB41: you should coach me
System: The $9,500 KO Guarantee ($10+$1 NL Hold'em) will be starting in 4 minutes.
Dealer: Sharkomaha has 15 seconds left to act
Rounder63: u dont want to be in the land of the sickness
Dealer: FULLTILT187 has 15 seconds left to act
kjDMB41: i cant figure out if your stats are good, or your volume is so absurd
kjDMB41: ive played with you forever, and i feel like you play EVERYTHING


Team Snacks: ur so bad
Dealer: Hand #26290036700
Dealer: Team Snacks finishes in 104th place
Dealer: Chip me UP YOh has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: Chip me UP YOh has requested TIME
Dealer: Gracie8585 has 15 seconds left to act
Team Snacks (Observer): ur like nut worst reg
Dealer: Gracie8585 shows [Td Th]
Dealer: suntrios shows [3d 3c]
Team Snacks (Observer): my roommate and i couldnt stop laughing how bad u were @ that 6max lapc
Rounder63: gg

Dealer: jesseja777 has 15 seconds left to act
Kantakuzenos: %#&& YOU
Kantakuzenos: homo
Dealer: jesseja777 has timed out
Rounder63: how homo
Neutro1: lol

ZAGORI_ELLAS: J Q. wow And your still in the game?
Dealer: Marlboroman-5 wins the pot (3,375)
Dealer: Hand #26672608334
Rounder63: im that guy
Dealer: keepdreamnboy66 has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: celtics2 has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: Rounder63 shows [9h Ah]
Dealer: Dobe2 shows [Jc 8c]
ZAGORI_ELLAS: Ok, good luck with that

This was a reg that i put over the edge...guy is a sick feaster

Zackattak1327: HELLO TABLE
Zackattak1327: IM A HUGE JERKOFF NIT
Dealer: Zackattak1327 wins the pot (16,100)
Dealer: Hand #26734381176
Dealer: granyar wins the pot (8,600)
Dealer: Hand #26734384827
Zackattak1327: SO I CAN JAM AGAIN
Rounder63: dont get lost in the rounder63 show sir
sqrltyler (Observer): (8
Zackattak1327: IDK WHO U R
Dealer: Zackattak1327 wins the pot (8,600)
Dealer: Hand #26734388536
Zackattak1327: BUT LICK MY BALLZ
Dealer: fuzm11 has 15 seconds left to act
Rounder63: class
Dealer: fuzm11 wins the pot (16,100)
Zackattak1327: YESS
Dealer: Hand #26734394636
sqrltyler (Observer): they taste like.......victory
Zackattak1327: ALOT OF CLASS
Zackattak1327: LEMME REPEAT
Zackattak1327: LICK
Zackattak1327: MY
Zackattak1327: FKIN
Zackattak1327: HUGE
Higgo1888 (Observer): rounder the legend
Zackattak1327: BADETZ
Dealer: Zackattak1327 wins the pot (16,100)
Dealer: Hand #26734398420
Zackattak1327: HOWS THAT
Zackattak1327: HEY ROUNDER
Rounder63: pretty tilty
Zackattak1327: ROUDNER SHOW
Athanasios 9 (Observer): lol the rounder show
Dealer: Daniel Foldeanu wins the pot (16,100)
sqrltyler (Observer): feel the heat
Athanasios 9 (Observer): lol
Dealer: Hand #26734403431
Zackattak1327: WAT HICK STATE R U FROM
Zackattak1327: TITLE CHANGE
peppermintpg (Observer): lol
Rounder63: Eastside Palmdale
Zackattak1327: DA JERKOFF SHOW
sqrltyler (Observer): haters thread gettin fed
Zackattak1327: dude
Rounder63: always sir
Stump12 (Observer): get him rounder
Dealer: fuzm11 has 15 seconds left to act
Zackattak1327: GGOGOGOGO
Zackattak1327: ROUNDER
Zackattak1327: RANDOM CLOWN
Zackattak1327: BRO
Zackattak1327: IM
Dealer: Daniel Foldeanu wins the pot (26,710)
Zackattak1327: ZACKATTAK13 BRO
Dealer: Hand #26734416278
Zackattak1327: IM LIKE GOD
Dealer: granyar wins the pot (8,600)
Rounder63: did u forget ur meds today
Dealer: Hand #26734418702
Zackattak1327: MY BADET> TABLE
Zackattak1327: SICK LINE HICKBOY
Dealer: Zackattak1327 wins the pot (8,600)
Dealer: Hand #26734421586
Zackattak1327: HERES A GOOD LINE FOR U
Zackattak1327: THAT U NEVER HEARD
Dealer: fuzm11 has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: Daniel Foldeanu wins the pot (16,100)
Dealer: Hand #26734429055
willv (Observer): rounder only talks to these young boys
Dealer: Zackattak1327 wins the pot (16,100)
Dealer: Hand #26734432645
Stump12 (Observer): Zack ur an idiot
Dealer: Zackattak1327 wins the pot (16,100)
Dealer: Hand #26734436920
Zackattak1327: U GUYS PROB FRIENDS
Zackattak1327: BENDOVER BUDDYS
System: The Turbo Fiddy ($50+$5 NL Hold'em) will be starting in 6 minutes.
sampy2011 (Observer): GO PINOY
Dealer: Zackattak1327 wins the pot (26,100)
Dealer: Hand #26734443879
sqrltyler (Observer): yeah we run the turkish baths out west

till next time

Saturday, December 4, 2010


So the story goes, Two weeks ago (on top of the 80k profit) I was playing real good and doing well, So I decided to take a chance in a $1,000 6 handed ftop event...

I was playing so well and doing soooooooo gooood.......TOP prize 275,000......there was 1200-1400 entrants.....

I was playing masterfully and getting deep with not having to show my cards......I had cashed was in the money but that's not why we play the game.......

Before I know it, we are down to about 25 people......and the dream of winning 275,000 dollars is now becoming a reality........Not only is it reality, I am 2/25 so I have a big stack!!!!!!!.........Chances of me going far was real good.....

Got a bit card dead and wasn't getting many spots, I was 4/16......with 10,800 in the bank so far but again this is the big score i was dreaming of and my thoughts would turn into deep thoughts at break......I would get almost teary eyed thinking of all the time and effort i put into this stupid game, Im finally got a huge chance to hit the big one, I felt the goosebumps, thought about the amount of money that I could win, Max could finally have his backyard that he can bury all his bones and do his little chicken wang piss over all the plants =) and have a girlfirend that he can hump everyday lol....

So then the letdown occured.........I raised a7 sooted from early position and it was folded to the guy in the big blind who was from brasil and I had played with him for about 5 hours and he didn't give a flyingggggggggggggg #$%#$ about losing his tournament he had guns blazing, Knife in pocket and was ready to come out swinging at all cost, it was folded to him and he immediately shoveddddddddddd allllll in........Now this is a spot that I would usuallly give a great thought into was about half my stack and a7 is not that good of a hand but this guy is one crazy son of a #$%$ and Im one to not be scard to put the chips in the middle if i think im good. So i decided to call.......He flips over we are flipping.........This is now officially the biggest coinflip of my life.....Come on dealer one time!!.......anyways he hit a set......while I hit two pair and he won the coinflip..........crushing but not the worst, I still have a decent stack and im now 9/16....its ok, i still got a great shot......anyways the blinds are going up and everyone is getting shorter and shorter compared to the blinds so things are going to get messy sooon........

Then the death hand occurred........its folded to the cutoff who open shoves about 20 big blinds and i had about 20 big blinds and I had pocket 8s.....Its postive situation to call in this spot, so i made the call and he had a9!!

So again this is now the most important coinflip I have played in my life.........He flops a pair and I dont hit an 8 and im out in 16th place.......all my dreams and hopes and max backyards are crushed......I could feel my throat tighten and choke up and i felt enormous pain in my heart......I had just played with the best in the world got very far almost closed it but two unlucky coinflips going the wrong way had me packing......

To give you an even deeper insight of how close i was.......The two guys that won the coinflips vs me got 2nd and 4th here (4th brazilian wild man) is the listining of prize money that everyone won listed in profit...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Do I need to Change my expectations with Poker or Still Chase the dream

Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh......Today I have to pretty much take ttoday yesterday sent me to bed on fulllllllllllllllllllllllll tilt alert.....frustrating overwhelming and bottom line extremely upsetting.....Got deep in a bunch of stuff again and to only either donk or run like shit at the end for a lot of money was again a disaster.......

I feel like im at a crossroads of a proper mindset but I dont know, Im just a sick beleiver in myself with anything life that I completely confident in myself.

Past 4 years of being a Professional Poker Player have had its ups and downs but my expectation from day one was the only expectation that I had the whole entire time...And thats dominate all and be the best anything short of that is a failure.

I remember from the beggining even with failure I thought I would be the best.....From the tilty Trip to Colorado that started it offf..I had finally come to the conclusion that I coudlnt survive in poker and I coudlnt make it happen but knew I had to leave california and thrown out in the wild to survive otherwise my heart would never quit poker

With nothing working in Colorado and my Car completely dead, I had only one plan and that was give poker one last chance...I threw my last 200 on fulltilt...and the rest is history..I discovered how to be a profitable player and the Rounder63 show was created..

From that Point of time, I have roughly made 300k+....thats enormous amount of money but somehow through all the traveling, people having huge chunks of my profits and living and retarded Gangstar Laker tickets, retarded paigow pillar bets and the best of the best grocery shopping, I find myself still poooor...Allllllllllll My own doing but i dont know how to be or live any other way.

My friend Mike D said it best..."Nick is saving when he hits the big one...thats just how he saves"

I dont know its just in my genetics, Its how I saw how my dad lead his life, How my uncle led his life, You buy what you want, You do what you want and the consquences well thats later on....famous quote from my father..."How much was that dad"...Responce..."I dont know, I didnt ask"....

Can I ever get a real job??!!?.......Serioulsy the answer to that is probably yes, but I would have to move out of my surrounding and detox for like 2-3 months of no poker and then there would be a .0002 percent chance i wouldnt come back..

This is in my blood, This is what I was born to do,This is what i was bred to do and Im on a mission to make it work....but #$%$#%$ getting there is a #$%#% Bitch..

I love to struggle, Something almost mental inside of me likes to fail to only come back and have an epic comeback....When Ive been the lowest of the lows with poker, thats when I shine the most and have an epic feasttttt...In sports I like being the underdog because thats just how I was everytime but I always come out a Winner....I love getting beat the #$%$ up fall face first on the ground and have everyone doubt me and to come back and smassssssssshhhhhh..

My brand of poker is unique, Not many people can be disguise as a donk, play like a donk but be a SHARK......Give a shoutout to thebattler33 guy is a #$$$ing beast, I feel we play pretty simliar although his success is much greater but he is playing against the grain with how everyone else is playing poker and I think to be ahead of the curve thats how you have to play.

Theres a winning play but theres also many different ways to play poker.

Past 15 months Poker has humbled me......When fulltilt launched and I was crushing the 45s, I really truely blindly believed I was one of the best in the world, you can google Regs laughing at me and my confidence...You can google alot of funny conversations about rounder63, even one where i claimed i retire and suck, we see how that went.....Theres also some warcraft threads lol...

The Past 5 months, I feel I have completley changed my game around to complete at the highest levels now, I feel im at my all time best and if I could just run good at the end, I will start killing it..

Last Month I made 20,000 on fulltilt, obv could of been alot more....Yesterday was one of my top 3 most frustrating days, So many monster stacks in nice prize pool mtts deep just crash and gone to shit at the end...

68,000 games in my career......18,000 this year......that is some major major major major grinding.....I can say with complete confidence there is not one person in the entire world, that grinds my sngs and mtt more then ME....

Am I entilted to think I deserve A Big Score when I try so hard....I def think so!.....I know im not the best out there but just like in real life or sports those who are handicapped for whatever reason (not being good enough, strong enough fast enough, quick enough)if they try hard enough they reach thier goals and dreams.

I know I will one day but until then Its uber frustrating trying to reach the mountain of feast.....

Lets hope its sooon!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WSOP, Reflection, The Drive, Todays World of Poker

Ok so Wsop for me was a Complete Uttter Failure......Its pretty hard to accept losing and thats actually what I did........0/10 0 cashes and about 25,000 dollars worth of investments. Lots of money Lots of Headache and alot of quick finishes....I ran pretty bad, but also felt on a couple hands I was "outnewbed"...I called it outnewbed because in a sense I was outplayed but not because they where better then me but because I gave my opponent too much credit at that big of a buy in to play a hand that particular way without having me beat.

One hand in particular got under my skin was 6 max 1500 buy in. It was the first level of blinds and I had been pretty active.....So the guy on the cutoff raies 3x sb calls, I re-reaise 10bb with ak offsuit and the european dude laughs cracks a smile looks and his buddies and says well it looks like this is a quick tournament IM all innnnnn and shoves his 100+bb stack sb immedeiatly folds and Im staring AT AK and figure the way he played it most definetly was 1010 JJ QQ AK and maybe KK and there was no way it was a postive EV play to put my chips in the middle....It also didnt help that he was sitting there smiling and not an ounce of fear and I felt if i called i was racing at best and just wasnt worth it.

So I showed My AK after some deliberation and He quickly laughs and said dont worry buddy i run reallllllll good u would of lost and shows his AQ!!!!!.....WOWOWOWOWOWOWO.......I had him crushed and didnt call...I felt crushed...

My Main Event was a disaster.....I was so excited for it and just coudlnt wait for it 30,000 worht of starting stack and deep stack poker heaven made for rounder....

The Main event coudlnt start any better.....As I soon learned my table was filled with donks and I from what i could see was the only proffesional player...

I started getting creative and STarted pulling moves and running over the table....I quickly turned my 30k into about 42k....Gained 12k with 0 showdowns the best way to win at poker....My favorite hand was a early position aggressive donk raised, the guy on the cutoff re-raised his raise, and I looked down at 9 3 offsuit..9 3 off is one of hte worst hands in poker but that didnt stop rounder from re-re-re raising preflop and throwing fear into everyones eyes....Orginal raiser folded and the young kid looked at me and It was great because he looked scared and I knew immedaitly he didnt have AA Or KK....he reluctantly called.......the flop was k22, I led out huge and strong and I could sense he wasnt happy....He deliberated for some time and folded his QQ Faceup...I said Nice fold sir I had AA and was praying u didnt have KK and I evily smurk and laugh inside and mucked my trashy rags into the muck.

I felt on top of the world and then the bad news came!!....They where breaking our table!!!!.....So I get moved tables and have no reads on anyone and im hoping the table is filled with as many donks as the first one...First hand I get i raise 66...I raise..fold fold fold then this Russian donkey fuck stares (who by the fucking way is wearing a darth vader leather robot jacket wtf) at me filled with testerone declare raise everyone folds to me and I call.....flop is j107..I check he bets hugeeeeeeeeeeee and strong....Something didnt add up to me, I felt he had air and nothing, Felt like ak or AQ dry so I made the gangstar call.......turn was a now i felt i was in real real real great shape....... I checked and he quickly checked behind.....I knew unless he was a real real good player, that meant he was weak and had nothing and I was winning at that point...the river was a 8 the board read J10768......I didnt like it but I felt he didnt have I bet half the pot into him.....then the wild wild west showdown occurred....this ass clown muppet just starts staring at me like hes going to look into my soul and I wasnt backing down, I just mad dogged him back, shit im from east palmdale no russian guy going to mad dog this beast and win. He eventually stop staring and mucked his hand but that truelly was the begginging of the end for me as NOw this donk was coming after me.......

So a couple hands later Darth vader russian limps another guy limped.....I make an obnoxious 10x raise, russian donk without hesitation calls and other guy calls...flop is flush draw i felt pretty good....I bet 3/4 the pot which was a lot of chips at this point....he calls....I put him on kq KJ k10 maybe 1010or maybe just calling to try and outplay me...turn is an 8..I felt no danger with that card and there was no flush draw brewing so i checked wanting him to bluff....He quicikly bet and i called....the river was a the board read K9283.....PRETTY HARMLESS FOR i check and he bets huge and I thought for sure it was sometime dog crap hand or him overplaying the king and I called with My AA......he flips over 9 8 offffffffffffsuit for two pair and my 42k stack..was crush down to 22k.....lame!!!......

So an orbit later i raise 99 russian calls flop is 226..i bet 2/3 pot he calls.....turn is a jack i check he checks......river is a 5.......i check sensing he has nothing and wanting him to bluff...he bets pot i call...he shows 4 3 for a retard limp calls with 4 3 and calls bets and gets there..

Im down to 15k now... and he limps again and I look down i have AQ...I raise he calls flop is kq2 all clubs I have no club he checks i bet he calls...turn is club we both check river is a brick he leads out i muck, he shows k 4 offsuit with no club but he beats my aq but the fact he limp calls k4 is disgustin and at this point im doing a great great job of controlling my emotions but what donk raping me !! lol..

Down to 13k...Hadnt played a hand for literally 3 hours as im trying to be real patient, I learned that my table had worst donkies then the first one and was in disablief that i was playing a 10,000 dollar event with some of the worst donkeys in the world......

One hand of not was unbelivably disgusting..a Man in a wheel chair wearing a Nascar jacket with about 25 sponsors on it sits down and he starts talking to barry johnston (an old time pro who only plays the nuts)...he seems to be bit of an ass wild man crazy old fart but im glad he sat down at the table as it seemed like some entertainment..

So anyways the hand goes like this...there was 5 limpers to the small blind who is the nascar old fart and he makes some retarded 16x Raise..everyone folds and this young european dude with glasses debates then calls...the flop is j92...the old man bets HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE like pottttttttt.......the young kid counts his chips debates it for a while then calls........the turn is a 10....the old man betsssssss HUGE LIKE 8k which is a lot of chips at this point of the tournamnet...the young kid goes alllllllll in for 12k more and the old man immediatly called like it was the nuts.

I was expecting to see like JJ vs KQ..... or 99 vs AA...something in that man flips over a8 for open ended and the young kid shows j10 for top two pair.....the young kid got realllllllllllly scared and was like what the heckkkkkkkkkkkk , was so nervous he didnt want the old guy to hit a queen or 7 and his touranemtn been over......the river was a 7....and the young kid yelled out one of the loudest screams i could remember and Looked like he was full of rage and I was almost certain he might hit the Old guy in the this point the WHOLEEEEEEEE TOURANEMTN ROOOM WAS staring at our table... and the Old man then says.......BODDA BING BODDA BOOOOOOOOOOM....... i got nervous i really thought the kid was going to hit him lol..... the old man then states, thank you JESUSS!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!! ...Chris ferugson that is!!!!!!.........What a freaking douchebag!!!!!....that guy has to go fly back to his country and tell his friends and family some old fart in a nascar jacket raped his life and was gay about it lol...

So at this point i was drooling , the two worst players at my table had all the chips..i sat thier patiently waiting for a hand waiting and waiting...then i heard the floorman say he sgoing to break our table soon, and that i only had 25 minutes left with these donks....25 minutes came and went and i wasnt able to play a hand.....sucked my table broke and i was off to a new table and a new adventure...

I get moved to a new table and im hoping its filled with left with about 12k....2nd or 3rd hand at the new table..I get Pocket Kings...i had about 30 BB didnt want to raise and lose action , didnt want to raise get called by 6 people and be favored to lose, and decided if i limped hoping someone would raise follow a couple calls and i could jam that someone would make a loose call and i could more then double up...everyone folds and im pretty mad but then it gets to the button who raises hugeeeeeeeeeeeeee...and sb and bb fold and sense that the guy had a hand and if i just shoved allllllll in it would look super weak and he would i shoved all in..

He debated it for about a minute or so and i was pissed at myself for overplaying it but then he finally called!!!!!!!......He flliped over i was in great great shape......just no ace and im doubled up and good postion to move on to the next day and i can play poker again and not just wait around .....obv ace on the flop...i immedaitly see two diamonds on the flop and look to see if he had a diamond which he did the ace of diamond, I had the king of diamond, so i knew i had to hit a king and onnly a king......turn and river broughtr running diamond and i got up wished everyone luck when the dealer and the player next to me said why u leaving u won man u hit a flush!!......Im like guys he has the ace of diamonds!!.... they felt stupid guy tryed saying sorry and i walked away in sad disgust....

Great disappoinment but im only 30 and there is always next year....

25k worth of donations, hurt was rough and sucked.......It helps that June was my a monsterous month for me as i won over 20k online

July didnt go so hot as i had a losing month the end of the month and through today has been the worst stretch of my poker career.....Its been mentally draining and upsetting but My drive to make it is like noone and I know things will change very soon, I can feel it, Something big is about to happen in rounders world...

Next WsOp is mine!

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Will to push forward towards my dream.

Wow......I guess thats the best way to some out how things have been going for me IN the MTT world.....There truly is no justice in poker....You can truely be a moneymaker or a jerry yang or a jamie gold and luckbox your way to fortunes but Im Nick Carrillo and im trying to feast but the bottom line is im only surviving...Its frustrating because I am trying sooooooo hard to make it it big but again Im just surviving....Making 75,000-100,000 a year is nice living it pays the bills and allows me to have fun and do things that I want but with my spending habits and the things i want to do in my life, I have to super feast and im NOT....

Something inside me tells me it will come, First you must dream something and then you must believe that its going to happen then you must put the work in. (Also helps to have talent to do what you believe in ...(i dont think i can ever be a ballerina)

Im frustrated and mentally tired and drained, but my effort and will to win is still there....

Over the course of the last two months...I have gotten severely deep in tournaments...For those of you that are unfamiliar with tournament payouts, most of the time its extremely top heavy....

I keep getting down to two tables or the final table but busting out in 7th or bubbling the final table.....Im doing extremely good but not getting the reward at the end...Its so absurd and sick and upsetting.

Prime example of whats happening, happen the other day...

Position Username Profit
1 marcot $5,144.17
2 greenlight34 $3,201.67
3 Mataro $2,276.67
4 paddymali $1,767.92
5 roadking1946 $1,259.17
6 Euphons $889.17
7 eatyourbrain $565.42
8 Rounder63 $426.67
9 mckennyj $287.92
10 bucket011 $149.17
11 cellitt $149.17
12 leobello $149.17

Position Username Profit
1 Carlos34x $18,587
2 BenjaminJ75 $11,462
3 BustedNutz41 $8,274.50
4 MattVegasPwn $6,399.50
5 Dirtydeuce162 $4,712
6 gizzardbutt $3,399.50
7 hsrathore4u $2,162
8 Blinds_steeler $1,712
9 manderbutt $1,299.50
10 thepokernei $662
11 ramers4life $662
12 dude904 $662
13 4us0306 $474.50
14 Saiid lafrance $474.50
15 nik5181 $474.50
16 Rounder63 $287

1 WanderingQueen $12,366
2 sasodiits $7,625.50
3 simon1323 $5,504.75
4 Mig_com $4,257.25
5 psfalipitt $3,134.50
6 BigDLuckyJ $2,261.25
7 Chefhoots85 $1,437.90
8 Tippincanoe $1,138.50
9 codz1981 $864.05
10 DERRICKROSE25 $439.90
11 4us0306 $439.90
12 Timid_Tim619 $439.90
13 daCav04 $315.15
14 Rounder63 $315.15

Position Username Profit
1 phatchoy888 $10,416
2 viniciustele $6,416.50
3 Scarypooper5 $4,732.50
4 IvIoneyIvIan $3,680
5 CapTinBisKuiT $2,732.75
6 DoeNuTZ $1,996
7 LeoRai $1,259.25
8 mariano18 $943.50
9 vcehorosho $733
10 kjol21 $375.15
11 SpeeZi $375.15
12 kennl $375.15
13 czGLoRy $269.90
14 driven $269.90
15 pytcheye1111 $269.90
16 Rounder63 $185.70

Look at the payouts and how i get far and get NOTHING...Basically comes down to that one key hand that you have to win and Im not.....and its the difference bewteen thousands and thousands of dollars...this was all in just one day!.......sickinging.

YOu have to remember these tournaments take 5-10 im putting the hours in and getting just completely screwed at the end, ...So your building yourself up for the possible feast and be all excited to only be extremely let down at the end and your postive thoughts turn into extreme negative ones can be overwhelming upsetting.

I use a website that keeps track of your profits and losses....i investigated where im doing good and where im doing bad and some of it is prettty shocking..

Since 1/1/2009 playing mtts from 0-109 dollars i am up

Rounder63 3,298 $32 $52 59% $104,071 - N/A FullTilt 1/1/2009 5/3/2010 Sch. Only

In the same time span playing tournaments over 109 dollars

Rounder63 801 -$73 $200 -30% -$58,815 Super Tilt N/A FullTilt 1/1/2009 5/3/2010 S110-NaN Sch. Only

The sicker part is look how much im down after my big win in a big buy in tournament...

Rounder63 733 -$97 $201 -44% -$70,783 Super Tilt N/A FullTilt 4/12/2009 5/3/2010 S110-NaN Sch. Only ...

Sick to think if i didnt play a tournhament over 109 dollars since april 12 of last year...I would have 70,783 more dollars to my name.

..sit goes have been ok for me not super good like a couple years ago

Rounder63 22,332 $2 $60 5% $42,742 - N/A FullTilt 1/1/2009 5/3/2010 SNG Only x ..

Yes thats right 22,322 sit goes in a year and half...

Lately sit goes have been much better for me...Just since March 1st..

Rounder63 1,971 $8 $37 22% $16,721 - N/A FullTilt 3/1/2010 5/3/2010 E>=45 SNG Only


So I Know what i need to do, and what i need to grind out but my pride and ego wont let it.....Pretty costly ego.....

But its true belief that I will master everything....

My drive and my will to win is unreal and I love myself for that....I never quit and never surrender, I always go alll out and I will get where i want to be but in the meantime I am struggling...

I attack things head on and dont have fear.....I remember my first day at CSUN when we got pads, our coach got all the rookies and you had to call out of the veterans out and go heads up run blocking against...remember at this stage i was only 240 pounds and they where all over 300 lol.....Obv I pick the biggest fattiest strongest ugliest looking mother #$%$##$.....(btw he decline, probably not because he was scared of me because he had nothing to win going against a small pyscho boy)...

I retardly like things difficult, I dont like the easy route, I like to struggle, I like to bleed because Ive been the underdog my whole life and thats just what Im used to.

Nothing is more pleasing to me is to almost taste defeat but have a glorious comeback.

My poor younger brother felt the rath of me when I was a kid as I would always choose him on my team up against older kids then him, sometimes the results wouldnt be pleasing. But thats how you get better and thats how you win...You must taste defeat before you develop that champions heart...Champion heart dont want to lose because he knows how it feels and doenst want to taste it again....

This Champion is hungry and ready......and deserves TO WIN SOME CRUCIAL HANDS AT THE END.....

Goodluck Rounder63!